Don’t think because you have limited space you can’t build a raised bed. Having the luxury of space in your plot will obviously give you more options as far as planning goes but you can reap a high yield from a property with a small space so there is no need to think it won’t work for you.

Even with a patio you can create raised garden beds that will not only be productive in their yield but also give beautiful definition to the area. You will have to make certain design decisions and planning is an integral part of your raised bed gardening success with this design but don’t be daunted, as what you are creating is the optimum environment for your crops to grow in.

In essence that is your overall goal for having a raised bed, as a raised bed will increase your crop yield while reducing the work you need to do to get there. The location and planning at the beginning of the process will pay dividends at the end but is integral as the first step in getting there as even with bad, or no soil you can create an edible garden to be proud of.

Space permitting, you want your raised bed to be roughly three to four feet wide and seven to eight feet long. This will give you room to reach over the raised bed from the sides to tend your crops as you don’t want to kneel or stand on any part of your growing area.

With a raised bed system getting the right height is also of vital importance, by creating a raised bed you are eliminating many of the usual complaints gardeners have, bending, kneeling and accidentally walking or stepping on the garden beds!